June 15, 2024

The long awaited 20ga version of RETAY’s ultra popular Gordion shotgun is now available and can be found at your favorite retailers this summer!

Easton Maryland, January 2, 2022 –
RETAY USA of Easton Maryland announces that the latest incarnation of its wildly successful Gordion shotgun will be delivered to dealers and distributors this summer.

The semi automatic 20ga 3” Gordion will be a scaled down copy of its 12ga 3” sibling with an estimated weight of less than 6 lbs. The new shotgun will be offered with a choice of 28”, 26” or 24” barrel.

Like it’s big brother, the 20ga Gordion is designed to be an all around performer well suited for multiple roles. From upland hunting, to the duck blind or goose pit, even to the clays course, this hard hitting 20ga shotgun will excel in multiple roles!

The Gordion 20ga will offer ultra slim and nimble styling thanks in no small part to its “in-line” stock based inertia operated action. RETAY’s proprietary Inertia action is based on the original floating bolt system designed by Bruno Civolani which uses a buffer tube located in the stock to improve balance and pointability as well as allow for a very slender forearm.

Retay Gordion Jet Black 20ga Shotgun

Retay Gordion Jet Black 20ga

Like all RETAY shotguns, the 20ga Gordions will feature “Straight Shooting ™” Deep Bored Drilled Barrels! These barrels are made from solid round steel bar stock that is drilled out end to end, honed, polished and chromed to produce the straightest and most precise barrels possible.

Retay also goes the extra mile with its barrels, adding an optimized length forcing cone at the factory to save its customers the time and expense of having the forcing cone length increased as an aftermarket process.

Retay Gordion 20ga Shotgun in RealTree Max-7

Retay Gordion 20ga RealTree Max-7

The 20ga Gordion will feature a single piece milled aluminum receiver with dovetail mounting grooves as well as a milled aluminum trigger housing and trigger guard with cross bolt safety. The trigger group is held in place by a single steel through receiver round pin.

It goes without saying that the new Gordion 20ga will feature RETAY’s patented Inertia Plus™ rotating bolt.

The Retay “Inertia Plus System™” effectively eliminates misfires that have plagued inertia shotguns until now. The system uses an ingenious active torsion mechanism inside the bolt carrier body to apply added rotational force to the bolt head.

The system essentially forces the bolt head to rotate into lock up with the breach, even when conditions are less than ideal. At the same time, the “Inertia Plus System™” prevents unintended disengagement of the bolt head from the breach. If disengagement is caused by sudden jarring of the firearm or accidently snagging the bolt on a branch while in the field, the “Inertia Plus System™” corrects itself, automatically returning the bolt to full lock up with the battery. The firearm remains ready for action and ready to fire without any intervention on the part of the operator.

Inertia Plus ™ is the world’s most advanced and refined kinetic energy driven rotating shotgun bolt design.

Retay Gordion 20ga Shotgun in Mossy Oak Bottomland

Retay Gordion 20ga Mossy Oak Bottomland

The new 20ga Gordion will come standard in matte black finish with black synthetic stock and forend. Other available finish options include classic Turkish walnut, as well as officially licensed camouflage patterns from Mossy Oak and RealTree. Synthetic and Camouflage models will feature oversized controls while walnut models will feature classic polished controls.

A limited release in a Turkey hunting configuration featuring 24” barrels and Picatinny rail mount will be available in Spring 2023.

Questions and Inquiries should be directed to Retay US Operations at Jesse@teamretay.com

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